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KUKA robot KR16-2 KS-F price official website 3D picture

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Company basic information
product description
Rated load (KG): 16
Additional load (KG): 10
structure type: Tandem
Number of axes: 6
Working radius (mm): 1801
Repeatability (mm): 0.05
* Large working range (** axis): ± 144 °
Second axis: + 80 ° / ﹣110 °
Third axis: + 154 ° / ﹣130 °
Fourth axis: ± 350 °
Fifth axis: ± 130 °
Sixth axis: ± 350 °
* High speed (** axis): 168 ° / s
Second axis: 173 ° / s
Third axis: 192 ° / s
Fourth axis: 329 ° / s
Fifth axis: 332 ° / s
Sixth axis: 789 ° / s
Body weight (KG): 245
Installation method: ground

KR 16-2 KS-F

Compared with the K-type robot, the KS-type rack-mounted robot mounted on the equipment increases the working space depth and reduces the size of the fuselage. This advantage is particularly prominent when loading and unloading injection molding machines. Because the base is flat, the travel path is short and the action range is large, so that the cycle time can be shortened when the equipment is loaded.


load 16 kg
Additional load 30 kg

The scope of work

* Large range of action 1801 mm

Other data and specifications

Number of axes 6
Repeat degree <± 0,05 mm
weight 235 kg
Installation location ground
Control System KR C2
For this application
Handling and loading Packaging and picking Other operations
Shielded gas welding Brazing Metal die casting machine, casting equipment
Other processing methods Plastic processing equipment Put in
Other types of installation and removal Forming machine Metal cutting machine
Operate other machines Measuring, testing or inspection Pallet
After consultation with KUKA
Welding and brazing Other welding machining
Machining installation Other applications
Forging equipment
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