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DVC2000 Digital Valve Positioner Fisher Fisher Large Spot

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Company basic information
  • Fisher Fisher Valve Service Provider
  • 陈先生/唐女士(先生) 销售经理 Contact Mr. Chen / Ms. Tang (Mr.) Sales Manager
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  承接进口品牌调节阀和执行机构维修服务 Fisher Fisher DVC2000 Digital Valve Positioner Lots of Spot Undertake Imported Brand Control Valve and Actuator Maintenance Service

product description
  • Name: Fisher Fisher DVC2000 Digital Valve Control (Positioner)
  • Brand: fisher
  • Item: DVC2000

● Inherent guarantee and non-sparking type
● Single acting
● Small size
● Non-contact, non-mechanical link valve position feedback
● Live user interface (LCD display and buttons)
● Auto-tuning (tuning according to the size of the actuator)
● The entire segment level (AC, HC, AD, PD)

Easy installation :
NAMUR installation
Simple structure
Cancelling agency links eliminates motion loss

Easy to use :
Supports seven languages
Communication via buttons
See valve status at a glance (valve travel, input signals and status)

FIELDVUE experience :
Strict control (independent linearity is 0.5% of range)
FIELDVUE reliability

Product Image

Fisher Fisher DVC6200 DVC2000

Technical specifications

Limit switch:
2 switches for on and off indication
Open state-1mA
Off state-4mA
Supply voltage: 4.3 to 30 VDC, polarity sensitive
Reverse polarity protection
● The switch action can be set within the verified formation range
Accuracy / repeatability: 2% of stroke range
Use the second Hall-effect transistor (independent of the main-stroke feedback Hall-effect transistor)
Meets intrinsic safety (IS) requirements

Valve position transmitter:
Output peak value: 4-20mA
Supply voltage: 8 to 30 VDC, polarity sensitive
Reverse polarity protection
Error prompt: over range high or low (can be set)
Accuracy / repeatability: 1% of stroke range
Using the main stroke feedback Hall effect tube

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