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Schneider NSX630N Mic2.3 630A 3P shell frame current 630A fixed installation

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Company basic information
product description

Originally imported Schneider Schneider molded case circuit breaker air switch. For specific technical issues, please call Schneider's technical department hotline: 4008101315 (including Schneider anti-counterfeiting)

NSX630N Mic2.3 630A 3P3D Schneider Molded Case Circuit Breaker Fixed Installation
Shell frame current: 630A
Trip current: 630A electronic trip
Segmentation capability: N type 50kA


Model: NSX100 ~ 250 / NSX400 ~ 630 Poles: 3P 4P

Rated frequency: 50/60 (Hz) Rated insulation voltage: 220/380/415 (V) Release current: 100 160 250 400 630 (A)
Product certification: CCC Installation: fixed, plug-in, withdrawable speed: ordinary
Arc extinguishing medium: air structure: plastic shell operation mode: manual operation

detail intruduction
Compact NSX new generation molded case circuit breaker product introduction
Technical parameters and characteristics:
◆ Shell frame current: 100A, 160A, 250A, 400A, 630A.
□ Breaking grade: 36KA, 50KA, 70KA, 100KA, 150KA.
◆ Installation: fixed, plug-in, and withdrawable.
□ Operation mode: toggle handle, rotary handle, extended rotary handle, electric operation mechanism.
◆ Trip unit: TM-D, Mic2.2, Mic2.3, Mic5.2A, Mic5.3A, Mic5.2E, Mic5.3E, Mic6.2A, Mic6.3A, Mic6.2E, Mic6.3E, MA , 1.3M, Mic6.2E-M, Mic6.3E-M, Mic2.2G, etc.
□ Functions: distribution protection, motor protection, generator protection, 400Hz application, load switch, dual power switching system, etc.
◆ Parameter measurement function: A or E trip unit, which can realize the measurement of various power parameters.
□ Cabinet door display unit FDM121 can display the measurement information of all trip units.
◆ Modbus communication module, in conjunction with BSCM (Circuit Breaker Status Control Module) and electric operation with communication function, can realize four remote functions.
□ Complete accessories:
◆ SDx can realize the function of fault diagnosis, especially the function of overload indication.
□ New electric operation and rotating handle, the opening size of the door is uniform.
◆ NSX wiring accessories, connect the electronic trip unit and FDM121 cabinet door display unit or communication module.
□ Pocket power supply, convenient for customers to check the circuit breaker LCD screen and "Ready" LED ready indicator at any time.
◆ Accurate measurement
□ A and E trip units have a built-in patented dual transformer technology, which can accurately measure various power parameters.
◆ Type A can measure current parameters.
□ Type E can measure parameters such as current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, power, and harmonic distortion.
◆ Comprehensive power management
□ Mic5 and 6 trip units can realize a variety of functions such as power parameter measurement, alarm, fault diagnosis, running time, history log, etc.
◆ Maintenance and configuration module can realize a variety of functions such as setting, simulating alarm and checking trip curve.
□ SDx can realize fault diagnosis and fault classification indication function, especially it can provide overload indication function.
◆ SDTAM can realize the motor's overload pre-alarm function.
□ A variety of software RSU, RCU, PowerView, easily achieve power management.

Technical Parameters


NSX Molded Case Circuit Breaker Selection Chart
Selection must be determined: frame current, trip current, trip method, number of poles, installation method, connection method


Physical size

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