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AGV intelligent robot. Telescopic fork. Three-dimensional warehouse

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Detailed introduction
Performance will be explained.

First, the performance and structure of the AGV

The moving AGV is mainly composed of AGV body, transfer device and console. The AGV driving method is mainly divided into three forms: single steering wheel drive, dual steering wheel drive, and two-wheel differential. AGV mainly has three navigation modes: magnetic navigation, laser navigation, and inertial navigation, which can realize forward, backward and turning movements. The AGV management system can monitor the running status of the AGV in real time , including battery power , coordinates of the AGV , path information , idle status, running path , and whether the avoidance path is charging, etc., to achieve flexible control. In order to ensure the safety of the AGV during its operation, especially the safety of on-site personnel and various types of equipment, Mickelin AGV will adopt multi-level safety measures, including software protection and mechanical safety devices. Mechanical safety devices mainly include non-contact infrared anti-collision sensors, contact bumpers, emergency stop switches, automatic sound and light alarms, etc.

Introduction of automatic handling system

All handling AGVs running on the production line are dispatched by the AGV central control system. The AGV central control system and the production scheduling management system can accept console scheduling commands and report the operation status of each AGV through the interface . The main functions of the AGV central control system include communication management, AGV operating status, data acquisition and operating status display. The console can schedule the online AGV in real time , and at the same time, the working status of the entire system will be displayed on the screen, including the number of online AGVs , the specific location, the working status, and the number of completed assemblies. The console is also responsible for the traffic management during the operation of the AGV , ensuring that no accidents such as collisions and rear-end collisions occur between each AGV in operation, and it is fully reliable. The AGV central control system can also change the working status and operating status of each AGV according to the transportation tasks issued by the production management system, and pass the commands and tasks to the selected AGV through its own communication system. The selected AGV is completed according to the console instructions The tasks that the production logistics system needs to complete, return to their place and stand by.

Summary: Handling AGV is an important equipment in the enterprise logistics system. It is mainly used to automatically handle loading and unloading of various materials , which provides an important guarantee for the system's flexibility, integration and efficient operation. At present , the application of portable AGV has penetrated into the fields of tobacco, automobile manufacturing industry, V8彩票是真的吗paper industry, coinage, steel, logistics and distribution, ceramics, entertainment and beverage production. In the automotive industry, the application of portable AGV is more and more Broad and deep.

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