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Detailed introduction
适用于中低端性能要求的模块化小型 PLC 系统 Modular small PLC system suitable for low-end performance requirements
各种性能的模块可以非常好地满足和适应自动化控制任务 Various performance modules can very well meet and adapt to automation control tasks
简单实用的分布式结构和多接口网络能力,应用十分灵活 Simple and practical distributed structure and multi-interface network capability, the application is very flexible
方便用户操作和无风扇的简易设计 User-friendly operation and simple design without fan
当控制任务增加时,可自由扩展 Freely expandable as control tasks increase
大量的集成功能,功能非常强大 • A large number of integrated functions, very powerful

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