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What are the skills to communicate with buyers? ——Dr. Gong
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Simply put, grasping the buyer's psychological weakness also captures the buyer's heart, the analysis is as follows:

1. Buyers generally don't like to be the first experimental product of your new product. So when there is a new product, you should have a deep understanding of this product and sell the first one as soon as possible.

2.Because online shopping relies on pictures and text, the pictures should be taken in kind and as realistic as possible. The text description is detailed and not exaggerated.

3. The Chinese like to follow the trend, and the buyers are the same. The more well-selling babies pay attention, the more people pay attention to the same things, the same price. Goods are sold every day, but no Good-looking merchandise hangs for no one or two years.

4. Buyers like to follow blindly. The more crown-level sellers are, the better their business is. The same thing

In the same description, if a buyer goes to a crown-level store to buy, he won't ask for a word and wait for the goods to be received. However, for a seller with only one or two hearts, the buyer will question it in detail and then hesitate. So try to make the buyer believe you completely !!!

5.Buyers like to buy cheap. So there must be very low prices in the store.

6.The buyer is most concerned about the product itself, so no matter what, the quality of the product must be tough.

The first: rational buyers

Features: strong principle, fast purchase, fast confirmation payment

These buyers are generally highly educated and have principles and rules for buying. They are usually very responsible people in their lives, so they are more rational before buying things. Most of them will seriously study what to buy, compare one by one, and then choose to buy. They generally care most about the strengths and weaknesses of the product itself. They usually confirm the payment in a timely manner in a responsible manner to the seller, give positive reviews, and describe them briefly in the positive reviews. I believe they are the favorite buyers of most friends.

See the trick: To impress the buyer's heart, we must give the buyer what they want!

The second: greedy buyers

Features: bargaining hard, picky, and slightly dissatisfied with bad reviews to beg sellers for compensation

Let's first look at the real case on the Taobao community.

Buyer: How about the quality of your clothes?

Seller: I bought the clothes myself, and the quality is fine.

Buyer: Why do you sell more than 20, and you sell more than 40?

Seller: Different purchase channels, different quality, naturally different prices.

Buyer: Is there any good quality for your clothes?

Seller: I do n’t know! I have n’t seen other people ’s clothes. I can only say that my clothes are of good quality.

Buyer: Really? Then you can make it cheaper.

(After a long bargaining process in the middle, the buyer photographed two items without authorization, and the seller sold it to her in order to earn credit.)

Buyer: Can you guarantee that the quality is okay? Other people's homes are cheaper than yours, and your expensive ones will buy you. Your quality can be guaranteed!

(There is a long process of ensuring quality in the middle.)

Buyer: My home delivery usually doesn't arrive. You send Yuantong, I use Yuantong myself (she is also a seller).

(The next day, the goods were returned due to the problem of Yuantong. The buyer complained that the courier used by the seller was not good and requested to be re-delivered by other courier. Just after the re-issue ...)

Buyer: I do n’t want those two clothes! I have n’t arrived in so many days, I feel bad! Give me a refund!

The back is even more exaggerated. After the seller refunds, the buyer signs for the clothes, and then continues to bargain with the seller for the clothes. After the bargaining, it takes N days to repay the money.

With the continuous development of Taobao, such customers are no longer the case. Some friends said that looking at a person's character can be seen in Taobao's evaluations given to others; the ancients said well: "The text is as heart." In fact, the buyer's language and behavior when buying can indicate his character or personality On the premise that Taobao's culture emphasizes customer first and maintains a good online shopping environment, under this premise, sellers also need to polish their eyes to protect themselves. As the case shows, it is not easy to make money for greedy buyers, because first of all they always hold the original intention of not trusting you, the most important thing is the price when buying, and the quality is the second; This kind of reason is fussy, or threaten to obtain compensation with negative and middle evaluation.

See tricks: For such customers, you must be a villain before a gentleman, and you must not scatter an eagle without a rabbit!

The third type: impulse buyers

Features: Don't look at the effect to see the advertisement!

Once I was chatting with a group of friends, I asked my friends, if you open a shop on Taobao, do you plan to sell the goods to men or women? Everyone said in unison: "Woman!"

Now more than 60% of buyers on Taobao are women, and women's money is easy to make, because women spend money too emotionally. Women themselves say, yes, spending money can bring pleasure. In fact, men are the same. There is such a buyer, who is completely impulsive over reason when shopping, and often buys things that are not needed. Advertising and opinions of others will affect their buying and selling decisions. This kind of buyer relies entirely on a kind of unplanned, instant strong desire to buy. The intuitive feeling is the main thing. New products and new service items are more attractive to them. This type of buyer has a lot of share. Because such customers generally buy the first suitable product they are exposed to, rather than make repeated comparison choices, they quickly make a purchase decision.

The fourth type: public opinion buyers

Features: What do others think?

This type of buyer has a distinctive feature: willingness to guess what others think. They are not only concerned with the product itself, but also how many other buyers have bought the product, and how others see the product. Taobao now launches "Popular Products", "Jumbo Pots", etc. when searching, so that everyone can see the public favorites of others. These are the places that can calm the minds of public opinion buyers. Such buyers are very concerned about the evaluation of the goods by people around them, so their buying behavior is often influenced by the opinions of others. For example, in Taobao, the clothes with the word "Ruili" used to sell very well; Taobao also provides a function to see what other buyers have seen while looking at a certain product, these are based on the buyer Developed from the "herd" mentality!

See tricks: Hello everyone is really good!

Fifth: VIP buyers

Features: Spend a penny I am also God!

There are some arrogant buyers on Taobao. Such buyers are usually very confident and think that they are the most important, and their views are all correct, often giving people a sense of innocence. In their own world, they are the rulers of the world, so once they feel that the seller despise him when shopping, their resistance is very strong.

See Tricks and Tricks: My Place!

Sixth: Be cautious of micro buyers

Features: Everything must be thought of: "Is it reliable?"

With the continuous improvement of transaction credibility, logistics distribution and payment in the entire e-commerce environment, more and more people have joined the online shopping, but compared to offline transactions, online transactions are still very large. Expansion capacity. Taobao has a lot of new buyers joining this rank every day, and these customers have many doubts. In addition, some customers are born with prudent actions and slow movements when selecting products. They are more uncertain about their left and right, and may interrupt the purchase due to hesitation. They may even be suspicious after being bought. What should we do to such customers?

See the trick: I am your most honest and enthusiastic friend!

Seventh: Custom buyers

Features: Yesterday, today, tomorrow, buy every day without asking

It is a bit exaggerated to say that every day purchases, but some Taobao products do have unique characteristics, which will make buyers form a mindset to repeat purchases. In fact, what is the habitual type? For example, buying point cards and recharge cards. Some online game players are accustomed to buying point cards on Taobao. After the first choice, they often buy out of convenience and based on past habits and experience. Such purchases are not easily affected by others, and they are generally very With less communication with the seller, the transaction process is also very fast. In particular, Taobao supports automatic delivery for point cards. Customary buyers do not need to wait during the purchase process, and it is easier to increase the stickiness of the purchase.

See tricks: Store style types remain unchanged for 102 years!

Eighth: emotional buyers

Features: They are your most loyal customers

What is an emotional buyer? It is because this type of buyer takes personal feelings very seriously. From the perspective of purchasing psychology, the interaction between this type of buyers and sellers is characterized by family relationships, enthusiasm and common love.

See the trick: every buyer thinks he is my best friend!

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