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Years of actual combat experience in industrial products
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Years of actual combat experience in industrial products

With the continuous development of China's market economy and the promotion and dissemination of various brand marketing theories, more and more Chinese companies have begun to realize the importance of brand marketing, and a considerable number of companies have experienced high levels of branding Sweetness of profit. However, it is not difficult to find through research that both the theoretical research of brand marketing and the actual introduction of brand strategy are mostly confined to the field of fast-moving consumer goods, while the care for the field of industrial products seems dwarfed. The reasons are as follows: On the one hand, because the market competition is far from fierce and sufficient in the FMCG industry, and some industrial product manufacturing companies can get good orders without branding, so they have a strong sense of "business"; On the one hand, from the traditional marketing point of view, many companies always think that the marketing target of industrial products is manufacturers, and most of them purchase large amounts and have a long cycle. Therefore, they choose to use public relations as a representative method and implement a black box. "Gray Marketing", "Relationship Marketing".

Brand road is an inevitable choice for industrial product marketing

Product homogeneity trend is obvious. With the continuous improvement of market development, the differences between products are becoming smaller and smaller, the trend of homogeneity is obvious, but the costs are constantly rising! Profits are getting lower year by year, and the market is getting harder and harder. Therefore, industrial product manufacturing enterprises must seek effective solutions, establish differentiated competitive advantages, and jump out of the ocean of price competition.

Market rules are becoming more stringent and standardized. With the gradually standardized and strict market procurement process of enterprises, the tried and tested public relations methods have gradually lost their power, and large public relations fees have really hurt the company.

Demonstration effect of international industrial brand marketing. Intel processors, Lycra fabrics, Tetra Pak packaging materials ... More and more industrial products have obtained absolute competitive advantages in their respective industries through branded marketing. This has also played a very good demonstration effect on many visionary industrial product manufacturing enterprises in China.

Therefore, it can be said that the brand road is an inevitable choice for industrial product marketing, and the sooner it is imported, the more it benefits. Through branded operation, not only can enterprises stand out in the increasingly fierce market competition, but also they can more enjoy the rich benefits brought by the potential energy of the brand, and achieve the overall improvement of corporate value.

Strategic Thinking on Brand Marketing of Industrial Products

First, build a systematic marketing centered on the brand

Industrial products companies must establish a good brand awareness, learn to build a sound brand strategy system, and use the brand to arm the company's marketing activities. Most of the marketing concepts of industrial products are still in the era of 4P theory, that is, the era of product sales, or the era based on producers and manufacturers, focusing on R & D and production, and less concerned about market development trends and products. Changes in buyer demand have resulted in a serious disconnect between the products produced by the company and market demand. The modern 4C theory has already clearly shown the supremacy of consumers in marketing activities, that is, all activities must be centered on the consumer. Therefore, industrial products companies must seek a clear and clear brand positioning in the minds of target consumers, that is, clear their position in the minds of consumers, and then gradually build supporting product line planning and dissemination based on the core foundation of brand positioning. Systematic marketing system for promotion plan, channel plan and management organization structure.

When the author consulted Mr. Zhu Yutong, the general manager of the brand marketing consulting agency and the top ten marketing experts in China, on the issue of industrial product marketing, he also pointed out the important role of brand strategy in industrial product marketing, and cited the adoption Caiyida Technology Co., Ltd., an engineering and industrial products company, explained. He pointed out that as a manufacturer of LED display, Caiyida should pay more attention to the most basic motivation and demand of end-users to purchase display, namely display and application requirements. Buying a screen without using it is tantamount to waste! Based on this, Caiyida brand is positioned as a "professional LED display integrated application service provider", focusing on "service brand" to promote product development with services, and also help customers set up professional LED application technology research institutes. Committed to providing customers with professional display applications and other soft services, not just at the enterprise level of display design, manufacturing and production.

Second, clarify the leading role of end users in marketing promotion

According to common sense, the buyers of industrial products are not the final mass consumers, but the companies engaged in the production of consumer goods. Therefore, industrial product manufacturers often use such enterprises as absolute targets when brand building and dissemination and promotion. The professional exhibition is engaged in professional promotion, and the existence and possible impact of mass consumers are ignored. However, in a fundamental sense, the mass consumer is the one who really pays the bill! The marketing and promotion activities of some well-known international industrial brands provide strong evidence for this view.

In this regard, Mr. Zhu Yutong, the general manager of the company was adopted as an example. The chip processor manufacturer Intel not only promotes its products to computer manufacturers, but also extends its appeal to direct users. The computers using Intel processors are affixed with " "Intel inside" icon, and advertise to the final purchaser. When the final consumer purchases a computer, they will voluntarily choose a computer with an Intel chip. As long as this group of people recognize Intel, computer manufacturers will naturally choose Intel cooperated.

Zhu Yutong experts also took DuPont “Leica” as an example for further explanation. DuPont “Lycra” fabrics also target the final consumer as their preferred target when marketing and promotion. All triangles will be hanged on all garments that use Lycra fabrics. At the same time, advertising will be directed to direct consumers. Good, comfortable "product characteristics. Through this strategy, Lycra successfully influences the procurement of raw materials by downstream producers.

Create a comprehensive and multi-level marketing promotion system

Every "touch point" that the company contacts with the outside world directly affects the brand image of the company, so the company must always maintain "one voice, one look".

1. Pay attention to the importance of personnel promotion

The sales of industrial products have the characteristics of long purchase cycle, strong professional technology, and high prices. Therefore, when promoting marketing, personnel promotion is particularly important for brand building, which is directly related to the corporate image.

Taking the previously planned Caiyida brand as an example, they proposed a matrix-type personnel management approach to customers for marketing promotion. That is, the sales promotion team is composed of sales staff, business staff, technical staff, engineering staff, and enterprise senior management. Sales staff is responsible for contacting and developing customer resources to understand the accurate information needs of customers. Business staff is responsible for communicating with customers' daily details, and technical staff is responsible for To help customers find the most useful solutions and provide technical support services, while engineering staff performs engineering installation and commissioning services after product sales, senior executives of the company regularly return to major customers to pay attention. By implementing matrix management, not only effectively improves the company's business development efficiency, but also establishes a professional brand image of the company.

2. Carefully plan and carefully organize public relations activities

Public relations promotion, as a powerful method of industrial product marketing, can quickly improve the corporate brand image. Should pay enough attention and carefully plan and carefully organize some influential public relations promotion activities. By regularly holding customer demand meetings, new product launch conferences, corporate annual meetings, technical exchange seminars, or participating in industry exhibitions and charitable public events, such events can directly face customers, not only directly understanding customer needs and real The idea captures market opportunities in a timely manner, and also conveys the information that the company attaches importance to customers and needs, and fully displays the company's image to customers.

3. Adhere to high-precision, low-cost communication strategies

Due to the particularity of the industry, the spread of industrial products cannot be a large-scale advertising bombing. Therefore, the choice of advertising strategies should follow the "high-precision, low-cost" advertising strategy to be targeted. In the choice of audiences, there should be not only customers who purchase industrial products, but also end consumers (described earlier). The way of advertising dissemination can mainly take the form of soft text promotion, professional journal hard-broadcasting promotion, video promotional video promotion, corporate manual promotion, network promotion and other forms. These promotion methods are not only low-cost, but also highly accurate and effective. In particular, the promotion of soft texts, which are published on corporate websites, industry websites, Baidu search, periodicals and magazines through writing various soft articles such as technology, brands, products, etc., has very little cost and has obvious effects, which can be described as one of the best.

Innovation of profit model rewrites the industry pattern

Peter Drucker once said that the competition between enterprises today is not competition between products, but competition between business models, which fully illustrates the importance of business models for enterprise development. Revolutionary business model innovations can often create a brand quickly and make a business more profitable.

When it comes to business model innovations that bring huge competitive advantages to industrial products companies, President Zhu also adopted the case to make a very good case. He pointed out that due to the high price of LED display products, many customers mostly use leases to meet the demand for use. Even if some of them are not used very frequently after purchase, the phenomenon of idleness is more common. After discovering this phenomenon, they carefully designed an anti-leasing marketing model, that is, after users purchase the display, due to the low frequency of use, they can anti-lease to the manufacturer. The manufacturer pays a certain rental fee to the buyer and purchases the display. Those who need to use the LED screen then ask the manufacturer, and the manufacturer returns the leased product. Because it is a factory lease, customers do not have to worry about product quality problems, and they can get economic benefits during the idle period of the product. After the manufacturer leases the sold product, it implements a second lease through other channels to obtain profits. In the entire model, the products during the idle period have been maximized, and buyers, manufacturers, and third-party leasers have obtained practical benefits, achieving a win-win situation for multiple parties. This is the huge change and success brought by the innovation of profit model.

Brand marketing is the only way for the development of many industrial product companies. We hope to see the birth of more powerful industrial product brands such as Intel, Tetra Pak, and Lycra belonging to the Chinese people!

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