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How to win the win with customers
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How to win the win with customers

"It was a partner who recommended me to the Doctor and Doctor Mall. After reading it in my spare time, I saw the appropriate bidding information. I only registered for bidding. I didn't expect to get it right away. Now our company's sales department and purchasing department are both Someone is responsible for taking care of the purchase and sales channel of Dr. Gong's Mall. It doesn't take much effort, but it has great gains. "

"The most attractive thing is that in addition to the sales and purchasers of our own company, there is also a non-staffed engineering and shopping mall expert purchasing and sales team that goes deep into the actual business competition and matches my sales and purchasing needs. Why not? for?"

The success rate of industrial product purchase and sales outsourcing service of Gongshang Mall is as high as 70%, which effectively improves the current low-efficiency and high-cost current status of industrial product purchase and sales, and is therefore widely favored and sought after by industrial enterprises. Especially do not go out, do not travel, do not spend public relations costs, through the release of goods, fast procurement, expert matching and other functions to find the right buyers (sellers) the first time, these special services are very attractive, not as good as gold or silver The word of mouth of users, the service of Gongshang Mall has become the industry's best-known word of mouth.

In the context of the fiercely competitive marketing of industrial products, the frequent troughs in the sales of industrial products, and even the unfavorable situation of the "high in and low out" of the industrial product price chain, how did Gongbo Mall become the new favorite of the industrial product purchase and sales platform?

It is understood that the industrial product purchase and sales service platform of Gongshang Mall can quickly gain the favor of many industrial product suppliers (purchasers) and set off a trading boom. First of all, it is an innovative breakthrough that subverts the traditional B2B e-commerce model. The traditional B2B e-commerce platform is basically an extensive business service: After the user logs in to the website, he finally determines the purchase through his own query and matching. This B2B website is essentially a web version of the yellow page, and the quality of the transaction is affected The adverse effects of user perception and reason. On the other hand, Gongbo Mall introduces the in-depth service concept. It is equipped with a strong offline team to accurately and professionally match users' purchases and sales. It not only provides purchase and sales information, but also actual transactions, ensuring the maximum and reasonableness of each transaction. Sexuality and maximum benefit.

However, most B2B website models are homogeneous and are mainly based on shop display. They only provide customers with a platform for product display and mutual communication, which cannot meet the personalized needs of manufacturers and buyers. A single profit model, high operating costs, and disconnected service items from customer needs have become the three obstacles facing the B2B industry. But Gongbo Mall overcomes this problem. She focuses on the field of industrial products, which seems to narrow the scope and lose the market. In fact, through the supply and marketing platform tailored for industrial products, she has won more high-quality customer groups.

On the other hand, unlike the inquiry-based B2B website that provides in-depth search through the collection of mass trading information, the service of Gongbo Mall has been comprehensively upgraded, and the purchase and sales dynamics are shared by the whole people. Provide a display and information platform for buyers and sellers, and rely on its accumulated accumulation of more than ten years of experience in the purchase and sale of industrial entities, a huge supplier database, a complete supplier credit evaluation system and a professional offline team to quickly and efficiently Precise one-to-one matching. The professional team allows customers to stop worrying about finding suppliers and buyers from mass information, and has more energy to focus on product development and upgrade. The fast purchasing channel of Gongshang Mall highlights the deepening and upgrading of website services. Through this channel, the procurement requirements are presented to the foreground, which is intended to share huge procurement requirements and wealth feasts with more suppliers; on the other hand, it also greatly improves matching efficiency and provides procurement efficiency for buyers. This is also an important manifestation of the emphasis on "win-win in purchase and sales" emphasized by Gongshang Mall.

Finally, whether for purchase or sales, integrity is always the most important issue for companies. In order to open up the "Rendu Second Pulse" of purchasing and sales, Gongshang Mall must resolve good faith, an issue that cannot be avoided by e-commerce. Gongbo Mall conducts a three-card review of business licenses, tax registration certificates, and organization code certificates for each member, and completely excludes unknown transaction risks of incomplete certificates for users. However, how to regulate those enterprises with complete documents? Gongbo Mall has launched an on-site factory inspection service that is not only available in domestic e-commerce websites. From the enterprise level asset evaluation, qualification certification, management system, to product level technical supervision, quality certification, after-sales protection, etc. The mall provides customers with a comprehensive and detailed on-site inspection report, maintains the environment of the users of the Gongbo Mall platform, and systematically guarantees the integrity of the Gongbo Mall. The perfect membership service model not only provides a foundation-based atmosphere for suppliers and buyers of Gongbo Mall platform, but these services can really effectively improve the success rate of both ends of the company's procurement and sales on Gongbo Mall platform.

Gongshang Mall.com is leading a new round of purchase and sales of industrial products through innovative ideas and convergence! Throughout the vast ocean of business, driven by the parity model of the Gongshang Mall, more and more industrial enterprises are freed from fierce market competition. In the production and research and development of products, a virtuous circle of industrial product sales circles has been formed , Enterprise performance is growing rapidly, the tomorrow of industrial products enterprises will be extremely brilliant! This is exactly what the doctor and doctor mall is looking forward to!

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