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Leaders of the Shanghai Jiading District Federation of Trade Unions visited Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd.
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On the afternoon of October 20, 2019, the party secretary, executive vice chairman Jin Weirong of the Jiading District Federation of Trade Unions, and Xu Zengqi, Minister of Publicity and Education came to Jiangqiao to visit Shanghai Zhongping Technology, investigate the company's labor union activities, and discuss the district's general plan for next year Labor skills competition job. Huang Hua, vice chairman of Jiangqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions, and Guo Tao, deputy general manager of Beihongqiao Economic City, accompanied him.
Jin Weirong and his party, led by the company's person in charge of Shen Xiaopeng, first visited the studio created by the company's technical director Li Yuan, who won the honor of Jiading skill pacesetter in 2019, and listened to the introduction of Doctor of Engineering intelligent robots. Later, I came to the company's conference room and held a symposium to learn more about the company's trade union activities in 2019, discuss and discuss the feasibility of the labor skills competition plan commissioned by the district in 2020.
Through this visit, we found that: in today's society, the use of robots has gradually become popular, and it is gradually becoming more daily life and normalization. It can make industrial labor easier and more efficient. As a high-tech R & D enterprise in the Jiangqiao region, Shanghai Zhongping Co., Ltd. will pay more attention and support in the future to further promote the healthy and rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry in the region.
Original: Jiangqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions
Adaptation Proofreading: Doctor of Engineering
October 20, 2019

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