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Gongbo mall background operation (picture version)
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1. Registration

Enter the registered entrance of the homepage of Dr. Gong (http: ///szflpy.icu) to register a member name.

Picture 4

Enter the registration page and select the merchant to settle in. All fields must be filled in. If there are blanks, it will affect the review.


1) The user name is the member name. The member name should be a combination of lowercase letters (az), numbers (0-9), underscores (_), and underscores (-). The number of characters is limited to 3-20.

2) A mobile phone number can only be registered once.

Picture 5


After registration is complete, you can log in to the background to build a website. Enter your member name and password, and click "Login".

Picture 6

Then the page will return to the home page

Picture 1

Click login again to enter the background

Picture 2

At this time, you can continue to improve the information and conduct real-name authentication.

Picture 3

The Gongbo Mall system will be reviewed within seven working days; if there are special circumstances that fail the review, please contact Gongbo Mall customer service: 021-331666777

3. Submit company qualification

After the review is approved, the background page will change.

Picture 7

Click " Company " to submit company qualification.

Picture 8

After the qualification is submitted, it will be reviewed and approved within seven days before the products uploaded on this website can appear on the official website of Gongshang Mall. If there are special circumstances that fail to pass the approval, please contact the customer service of Gongshang Mall: 021-331666777.

4, avatar modification

Picture 9

5. Modify information

”的栏目填写完整。 Complete the fields with " * ".

1), personal information

Picture 10

Name, gender, and mobile phone number are required. If you want customers to contact you more conveniently, you can also fill in your QQ number and Wangwang number.

2) Password management

If you don't need to change the password in this column, you can leave it blank. The payment password defaults to the password of your bank card, Alipay, and WeChat.

3) Company information

You can upload a company picture at the image picture, the size is 190X190, which can be larger but not smaller.

Picture 11

4) Company contact information

Picture 12

Please write down the detailed real address and company phone number, the remaining options can be optional.

5) Company introduction

Picture 13

Please fill in your company's information. Note that only the first ten lines of content can be displayed on the website, and the rest will be hidden.

6.Template selection

First click "Preview" to see the effect, and then click "Enable" to use the selected template.

Picture 14

There are currently 8 types of templates that corporate members can choose from.

Corporate members can be upgraded to VIPs. VIPs are divided into two categories, namely VIP and proprietary VIPs.

There are 10 templates to choose from after upgrading to VIP.

The VIP level is divided into 10 levels. The VIP index 1-3 is not much different from corporate members, but there are two more templates.

Picture 15

When the VIP index is 4 to 6, the search box on the template can only search for products on this website.

Picture 16

VIP index 7 ~ 10 does not have a search box, but can display two contact methods

Picture 17

After upgrading to self-employed VIP, there are only 5 types of templates to choose from, but the words "Self-employed Doctors" can be displayed on the homepage of the website, or you can choose not to display.

Picture 18

Picture 19

7.Basic store settings

1) Common settings. Set the company logo and banner display of the shop.

Picture 20

2), navigation menu, sidebar, homepage settings. To beautify the store, you can remove the columns without content in the store to make the store look more beautiful.

Picture 21

3), other settings

① V8彩票是真的吗page SEO title: This title is the top priority of the store, and the title has the highest weight. The general setting samples are: company name + brand keywords + brand long tail keywords, 4 ~ 5 keywords are sufficient.

② Website keywords: 4-5 keywords. Supplementary explanation for SEO title. The general setting samples are: brand keywords + brand long tail keywords.

③ Website description: Generally a complete sentence. With marketing role.

Picture 22

8.Picture management

Generally upload company pictures, company activity pictures, product pictures, company qualification pictures.


1) First, the cover of the gallery is added.

2) To add a picture To select a gallery, click on the small tree logo.

Picture 23

Picture 24

Picture 25

9.Corporate News

Upload company V8彩票是真的吗, industry V8彩票是真的吗, product V8彩票是真的吗, etc.

Picture 26


Honor certificate of the company

Picture 27

11. Download data management

Product information such as product specifications, product technical manuals.

Picture 28

12, advertising reservations

The advertising space will be displayed in Gongbo Mall, depending on the location selected by your company.

Picture 29

13.Mall management

The product information uploaded here must be true and valid, and the mall system will strictly review it.

Note: The navigation managed by the mall can only be displayed by VIP members.

Sample Information Title: Brand + Series + Model + Modifier

Industry Category: Search by product category

Product Brand: The brand sold by the merchant

Detailed description: For the detailed introduction of brand products, the more detailed, the better, so that customers can learn more information. Among them, add 2-3 description text links in the detailed introduction (for example: ABB inverter, ABB low voltage inverter )

Picture 30

14.Product library management

The upload method is the same as the shopping mall management.

Picture 31

15.Transaction management

Doctor Gong Mall now supports VIP members' online payment methods. Therefore, the authenticity of the Mall products uploaded by merchants must be guaranteed.

Picture 32

Industrial product operation: 您好,欢迎光临,我们将竭诚为您服务 Advertising business: 您好,欢迎光临,我们将竭诚为您服务 Member Management: 您好,欢迎光临,我们将竭诚为您服务 After-sales service: 您好,欢迎光临,我们将竭诚为您服务 News submission: 您好,欢迎光临,我们将竭诚为您服务 Strategic cooperation: 您好,欢迎光临,我们将竭诚为您服务 Shanghai Public Network No. 31011402005898