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Product title banned words
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It is strictly forbidden to use words that cannot be verified, such as absolute value, absolute, big-name, precise, ultra-profitable, leading brands, leading listed, superstar, famous, luxury, one of the world \ national X major brands.
The use of the first, extreme, top, ultimate, champion, first-class, best, invincible, peak, supreme, first brand, gold medal, famous brand, cutting-edge, top enjoyment, creator, leader, leader, (distant) leading, Wang (person) is the only, first, national-level product, filling domestic gaps, absolute, exclusive, first, first brand, gold medal, famous brand, excellent, senior, etc. The same or similar absolute terms.
The use of the highest, highest, lowest, best, best, lowest, lowest, lowest, cheapest, highest, latest technology, most advanced science, latest, most advanced, most profitable, first, accurate, super Earnings, first-class enjoyment, etc. have the same or similar absolute terms.
It is strictly forbidden to use preferred, first (single), exclusive (recipe), fill domestic gaps, unique, only this one, unique, unique, first, full network / world premiere, full network / world first, etc. Absolute words.
It is strictly forbidden to use false or exaggerated expressions such as 100%, international quality, high-end, genuine, national, world-class, highest-level, best, etc.
Prohibited time limit words: There must be a specific time limit for the time limit. One day, today, today, several days and nights, last, countdown, while now, just, only, weekend, anniversary, special party, shopping party; and all group purchase words, such as flash sale, brand group, boutique The single product group shall indicate the specific event date.
It is strictly forbidden to use words that cannot be determined at any time, only once, price increases at any time, immediate price reductions, and the last wave.
Illegal authoritative words: It is strictly forbidden to use the words of old brands, Chinese well-known trademarks, leading brands, special supplies, and exclusive supplies.
It is strictly forbidden to use "expert recommendations". The use of such terms as quality exemption, no national quality inspection, and no sampling inspection is declared to be unnecessary.
It is strictly forbidden to use the terms recommended by the national XXX leader, the national XX agency, and the national XX agency to advertise by the name of the national or national staff.
The use of RMB drawings is strictly prohibited (except for those approved by the central bank).
It is strictly forbidden to click on XX words: It is forbidden to use words suspected of deceiving consumers, such as "click to receive awards", "congratulations to the award", "free of charge for all people", "click to get surprise", "click to get", "click to turn", "click to try on" , "Click to flip", "receive prizes" and other copywriting elements.
Stimulating consumer words is strictly prohibited: It is strictly forbidden to use words that motivate consumers to buy psychological words, such as "seckill", "burst", "no more snatches", "no more cheap", "no XX without it," "no chance if you miss it" "It won't be cheap anymore", "Many people are rushing", "Everybody is rushing \ rushing", "Selling \ crazying" and so on are not available.
The use of "free shipping", "free shipping", "explosive money", and gift terms is strictly prohibited in the content of the material and pictures: "Hao Li" and "Luxury Gift Pack" are strictly prohibited. If the advertising material indicates that the product is being promoted and a gift is attached, such as "gift gift", "big gift package", "buy one get one free", etc., the variety and quantity of the gift shall be indicated.

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