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Mall statement
Gongbo Industrial Products Mall belongs to Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd.
、工博士(szflpy.icu)上刊载的所有内容,包括但不限于文字报导、图片、声音、录像、图表、标志、标识、广告、商标、商号、域名、软件、程序、版面设计、专栏目录与名称、内容分类标准以及为注册用户提供的任何或所有信息,均受中国和国际法律及相关公约的法律保护,为商城专属所有或持有。 1. All content published on Dr. Gongboshi (szflpy.icu), including but not limited to text reports, pictures, sounds, videos, diagrams, signs, logos, advertising, trademarks, trade names, domain names, software, programs, layouts , Column catalogs and names, content classification criteria, and any or all information provided to registered users are protected by Chinese and international laws and the laws of relevant conventions, and are owned or held exclusively by the mall.

、因 工博士(szflpy.icu) 上的内容难以判断是否有版权问题,如果您发现 工博士(szflpy.icu) 的内容侵犯了您的版权,请联系 工博士客服021-31666777 ,我们在确认后,会立即删除,保证您的版权。 2. It is difficult to judge whether there is a copyright issue due to the content on Dr. szflpy.icu . If you find that the content on Dr. szflpy.icu infringes your copyright, please contact Dr. Gong customer service 021-331666777 After we confirm, we will delete it immediately to guarantee your copyright.

、任何传播媒体转载、摘编本网站刊登、发布的作品,必须按有关规定向著作权人或本网站支付报酬并注明出处,且不得超过本网站刊登、转载该作品的范围;著作权人声明或者本网站受著作权人授权声明不得转载、摘编其作品的,任何人不得擅自转载、摘编,否则必须承担一切法律后果。 3. Any work published or published on this website by any media must be paid to the copyright owner or this website in accordance with relevant regulations, and the source must be specified, and it must not exceed the scope of publishing or reprinting this work on this website; the copyright owner declares or If this website is authorized by the copyright owner to not reprint or extract its work, no one may reprint or extract without authorization, otherwise it must bear all legal consequences.

、未经 工博士(szflpy.icu) 的授权,任何人不得变更、发行、播送、转载、复制、重制、改动、散布、表演、展示或利用 工博士(szflpy.icu) 的局部或全部的内容或服务或在非本网站网络所属的服务器上作镜像,否则以侵权论,依法追究法律责任。 4. Without the authorization of Doctor of Engineering (szflpy.icu) , no one may change, distribute, broadcast, reprint, reproduce, reproduce, alter, distribute, perform, display or use Doctor of Engineering (szflpy.icu) Part or all of the content or services are mirrored on servers other than the network to which this website belongs, otherwise legal liability will be investigated in accordance with the law of infringement.

、用户通过 工博士(szflpy.icu) 下载或获取资料或数据完全出于用户自己的判断,由用户自己承担风险,同时用户将对由下载此类资料或数据而导致的计算机系统损坏或数据损失承担全部责任。 5. The user downloads or obtains the materials or data through Dr. Gongboshi (szflpy.icu) completely at the user's own discretion, and the user bears the risk. At the same time, the user will damage the computer system caused by downloading such materials or data Or data loss.

工博士(szflpy.icu) 对有关服务的安全性、可靠性、及时性和性能不做任何担保。 6. Dr. Gong (szflpy.icu) does not make any guarantee for the safety, reliability, timeliness and performance of related services. 工博士(szflpy.icu) 服务而获得的任何信息或建议不做任何担保。 No warranty is given for any information or advice obtained through the service of Gongboshi (szflpy.icu) . 工博士(szflpy.icu) 得到的或在其上刊登广告所推介的产品或服务、通过由 工博士(szflpy.icu) 提供的任何链接而得到的产品或服务,以及任何信息或建议。 Non-guaranteed items also include: products or services that are obtained or advertised by Dr. Gongboshi (szflpy.icu) , obtained through any link provided by Dr. Gongboshi (szflpy.icu) Products or services, and any information or suggestions.

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