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Merchant certification
What is the real-name certification of the enterprise?

Corporate name certification is a free certification service launched by Gongbo Mall for ordinary members. As long as you are a regular business, and have a bank account and a company certificate, you can perform certification. After successful certification, the company name will be displayed as your real company name in Gongbo Mall , which will better gain the trust of buyers.

How to carry out real-name authentication
The first step is to enter the background of Gongshang Mall, click on the company certification

Gongbo Merchants Settlement Page

The second step is to carry out the real name authentication of the legal person

Real name certification

Step 3 Merchant certification audit
Gongbo Mall will conduct certification audit within three working days or directly contact Gongbo customer service 021-331666777.

Three benefits of corporate certification

1. Transaction basis The improvement of authentication information is the primary condition for opening a store

2. Credit guarantee Real and effective authentication information can enhance trust.

3. Priority selection 70% of buyers will preferentially choose certified buyers to protect members for transactions.

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