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Merchant exemption rules

Understanding Exempt Merchants

I. Criteria for New Business Application for Exempt Business

1. New merchants can only publish a maximum of 5 products at a time (release restrictions), and release restrictions must be released after all products have passed the review. If there is a penalty, the punished product must be modified correctly before being upgraded to an exemption merchant , Exempt merchants are free to publish products.

2. The specific process is as follows:

Picture 1

3. No malicious release of records of prohibited products.

4. The platform has a good reputation, and there have been no operating accidents caused by complaints or errors in writing.

Common problems with new merchants being unable to publish items:

1. There are penalties for 5 products released by new merchants, and not all of the punished products are modified correctly, which will lead to restricted release.

2. The 5 items of the new merchants that have not been reviewed by the product management team are generally reviewed within 1 working day.

Second, the exemption business elimination mechanism

1. Once the prohibited products are maliciously released once, the eligibility for exemption will be cancelled immediately.

2. Maliciously violating the "Product Release Rules of Gongbo Mall" publishing products across categories or repeating the product repetitively 2 times will immediately cancel the exemption qualification.

3. The audit pass rate for 14 consecutive days is less than 60% .

4. Sampling inspection found that the product did not meet the "Gongshang Mall Commodity Publishing Rules", depending on the severity of the plot, some of the non-compliance will be issued 1 warning, 2 serious warnings, 3 times to cancel the exemption qualification; serious non-compliance, 1 warning, 2 times Disqualification.

5. Once an operation accident caused by a description or complaint is made, the qualification for exemption will be cancelled immediately.

6. At the same time, reserve the power to punish the above violations by forcibly removing the products, restricting the release of products, freezing the stores, and even returning them.

Note: Over 50 products have been uploaded more than 30 days since the cancellation of the qualification of the exempted merchants, the approval rate is not less than 65% , and there is no record of automatic review of 'low-quality products'; there is no record of malicious release of prohibited products during the period ; No recurring complaints or operational errors caused by incorrect descriptions can apply for re-examination.

Exempt merchant Q & A

Q1: What are the benefits of exempting merchants? Does it really require no auditing?

A1: Exempted merchants do not mean that they do not need to be audited. After the products of the exempted merchants are submitted for review, the system will immediately automatically review the products in accordance with the audit rules. Review, the product can be released and displayed in time. The products that are sent after the first review will be manually inspected. Non-compliant products will be subject to violation warnings and forced delisting. If the violation warning products are not modified after the deadline, they will be subject to forced delisting. Both the violation warnings and forced delisting will be considered for review Failures are recorded in the passing rate, and other serious violations will be punished.

Q2: How can I apply to become an exempt merchant? What are the criteria?

A2: After the store is officially launched, it will upload and pass ≥ 5 SKUs. The approval rate will be no less than 60% . It will not publish records of prohibited products maliciously. The platform has a good reputation and there are no description complaints or errors caused by description errors. You can apply for an exemption from the accident.

Q3: How is the audit pass rate calculated? How do I know the audit pass rate of my shop and the number of SKUs after the shop is officially launched?

A3: If the audit pass rate is> = 65% for 14 consecutive days, the low-quality exempt merchants will be transferred from the low-quality exempt merchant bank to the exempt merchant bank; the audit pass rate refers to [1- (Manual visual spot checks to determine illegal products) Total + the system automatically checks the total number of illegal products) / total number of products in the store] = audit pass rate.

Q4: Are there any requirements for the online time of the application to become an exempt merchant?

A5: After reaching the standard, the system will automatically turn your shop into exemption, which takes about 1 to 2 hours.

Q5: How long does it take to know the results after applying, or will it automatically become a non-examination merchant when it meets the criteria?

A5: After reaching the standard, the application button will automatically appear above the product management bar of the merchant. The merchant can choose whether to apply for exemption. The product management team will review the application within 2 working days after application. To failure reason.

Q6: Will the exempted merchants be cancelled, can I apply for exemption after cancellation?

A6: Exempted merchants will enter low-quality exempted merchants if they pass the audit pass rate below 60% for 14 consecutive days or release illegal and prohibited products. After verification, they will be disqualified. Eliminated merchants have cancelled the qualification of exempted merchants for more than 14 days after the approval rate is not less than 65% . During the period, there is no record of malicious release of prohibited products; no operation accident caused by descriptive complaints or descriptive errors can be applied for exemption Review business. At the same time, the background will also warn low-quality exempt merchants, reminding merchants to improve their writing quality.

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