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Sales behavior management rules

This rule regulates the sales behavior of Gongbo Mall merchants, including pre-sale services, on-sale services, stocking requirements, shipping requirements, payment methods, and after-sales service. If you violate this rule, you will be punished by Gongbo Mall.

I. Pre-sale services

1. During the business process of Gongshang Mall , the merchant must provide real-time online services at the following times.

Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00;

2. Merchants in the above time period: After the buyer's consultation, the merchant must respond in a timely, effective and patient manner to resolve all issues related to the product consultation for the buyer.

3. The merchant shall not fail to answer or delay the answer to the inquiry questions raised by the buyer.

4. The merchant must not show impatience with the buyer's consultation.

5. The merchant shall not conduct any form of verbal insult to the buyer who consulted or purchased.

6. The merchant shall not publish any information to induce or be induced by the buyer to conclude a transaction on a website other than Gongbo Mall.

Second, sale service

1. The merchant must verify the availability of the warehouse before the buyer places the order.

2. The merchant can inform the buyer to place an order after confirming that the warehouse is in stock.

3. The merchant must arrange the warehouse for stocking after the buyer places the order.

Third, stocking requirements

1. After receiving the online order from the buyer, the merchant must promptly process and arrange the stocking in the warehouse.

2. The single item released by the merchant in the Gongbo Mall store must be fully stocked, at least 10 pieces;

3. After the buyer has consulted and placed an order to purchase the merchant's goods at the Gongbo Mall store, the merchant is out of stock and cannot be shipped to the buyer within the time promised by the merchant, and the merchant will be punished by Gongbo Mall.

Fourth, delivery requirements

1. After the order transaction is completed, the merchant shall not refuse or delay delivery to the buyer for any unjustified reason.

2. For promotional products, merchants must not refuse or delay shipments to buyers for any unjustified reason.

3. For merchandise promoted by merchants, refrain from refusing or delaying delivery to the buyer on the grounds that the buyer's location is remote and the postage is high.

4. After the order transaction is completed, the merchant encounters force majeure factors such as transportation control, heavy rain and snow, and earthquakes that affect the delivery. The merchant must make a corresponding announcement to the buyer.

5. After the order transaction is completed, the merchant must complete the delivery according to the goods purchased in the order, and must not send any fake items unrelated to the ordered goods to impersonate.

V. Payment methods

1. The merchant must accept the payment method approved by Gongbo Mall as the sole payment method. It cannot induce buyers or be induced by buyers. They must conclude transactions on websites other than Gongbo Mall and cannot use the payment methods provided by non-Gongbo Mall to make payments.

2. The first payment after the goods

The buyer pays before the merchant ships. The specific payment method is online payment, and the buyer pays the payment before receiving the goods through online banking, Alipay, WeChat payment, etc.

3. Cash on delivery

The merchant sends the goods first, and the buyer pays. The specific payment method is mobile POS-level bank card payment or cash payment, or the designated logistics personnel settle the payment when the delivery is delivered.

Six, after-sales service

After-sales service includes: installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training and other services of the product; processing of the application for return and replacement of the product proposed by the customer; handling of other after-sales related complaints.

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