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about us

Gongbo.com belongs to Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the construction of a one-stop service platform for the industrial automation industry, and providing users and friends with a complete set of services such as convenient and efficient procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance and integration. Dr. Gong's industrial product mall involves many brands, including low-voltage power distribution, control components, inverter servo motors, PLCs, human-machine interfaces, industrial control machines, robots, sensors, instruments, fluid control, mechanical equipment / bearings, industrial power supplies, Sixteen categories including hardware tools, electrical installation, industrial Ethernet, and electronic components.

Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2013. Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd. distributes industrial automation products, wholesale sales and technical services of electronic and electrical products, provides users with comprehensive product and solution services, comprehensive supply chain services, and globalization and localization services, and is committed to becoming an industrial Long-term product application consultant and supply chain partner for users in the fields of automation and industrial electrical.

As an electrical product supplier and service provider with comprehensive value-added service capabilities, Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd. has a marketing network covering major industrial cities across the country and serves the customer groups of electrical automation products in major domestic regions. Maintain long-term and stable cooperative relationships with world-renowned industrial control automation product manufacturers, from the underlying detection and execution components to PLC, DCS, and intelligent instruments as the basic control layer , to industrial network products for factory automation, and low- and medium-voltage power distribution. Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with excellent cost-effective software and hardware products and services. Whether it is procurement, spare parts management and service, Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd. can provide users with one-stop service.

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