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Merchants settled

  I. Guide to the entry process of Gongbo Mall

Settlement page-Learn more-Choose the type of settlement: buyer member, corporate member, certified corporate member, VIP member, mall member (flagship store, specialty store, franchise store);

Merchants apply for free entry → Qualification review → Enterprise certification → Three certificates + bank certification → Member upgrade VIP → Mall review → Mall opening

Merchants apply for free entry

(1) Submit application

The merchant's back office submits the application for admission and uploads the qualification certificate. (See qualification criteria for admission)

(2) Audit qualification information

The person in charge of the investment promotion of Dr. Gong will review the business and give feedback on the settlement result and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

(3) Company information reviewed by Gongshang Mall

(4) Opening of merchant shops

Professional customer service conducts product uploads and online training, and has a dedicated operation manager to do 1-on-1 consulting guidance.

Second, the admission criteria of Gongshang Mall

1. Merchant entry conditions

(1) Have a good brand reputation and a certain reputation in the industry;

(2) The product quality is excellent, and the manufacturer has a strict product quality control system;

(3) The manufacturer has a perfect after-sales service system, which can provide timely and excellent after-sales service to end users;

(4) Provide competitive prices and policies to ensure a stable supply of goods;

(5) Can provide valid company certificates (copy of business license, account opening permit, legal person ID card);

(6) Qualified as a general taxpayer and able to provide special VAT invoices for all products supplied;

(7) Can be shipped directly to consumers in various cities.

2. Merchant enterprise qualification review

Merchant qualification requirements: Registered capital of 500,000 yuan (inclusive) or more. The following information is required from the merchant:

(1) Copy of business license (passed the latest annual inspection)

(2) Account opening permit

(3) Corporate identity card

(4) Flagship store members provide trademark certification, specialty store members provide agency brand qualification, and specialty store member channel certification

Be sure to ensure the authenticity of the relevant qualifications provided before and after you settle in. Once you find false qualifications, your company will be included in the list of non-honest merchants, and Doctor of Engineering will no longer cooperate with you and will deduct the security deposit.

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