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Mall rules

1. Introduction

1.1 In order to promote a new commercial civilization of openness, transparency, sharing, responsibility, and integrity, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Gongbo Mall users, and to maintain the normal operating order of Gongbo Mall, the "Gongbo Mall Rules" are specially formulated in accordance with the "Gongbo Doctor Service Agreement".

1.2 The "Gongshibo Mall Rules" are clauses that add basic obligations or restrict basic rights to Gongbo users.

1.3 The identification and treatment of violations are based on the facts identified by Dr. Gong and are strictly implemented in accordance with regulations. Doctor of Engineering users are equal in applying rules.

1.4 Users should abide by national laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations and other regulatory documents. For any suspected violation of national laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations and other regulatory documents, these rules apply, these rules apply; if there are no provisions in this rule, Doctor of Engineering has the right to deal with it at his discretion. However, Dr. Gong's treatment of the user does not relieve him of his legal responsibility.

1.5 Any behavior of the user at Gongbo should comply with the various agreements signed with Gongbo and its affiliates.

1.6 If the merchant sells goods or services provided by Dr. Gong in violation of the laws and regulations of industrial and commercial administration, Dr. Gong has the right to take measures in a timely manner to stop, and may stop providing third-party trading platform services to the merchant if necessary. Dr. Gong has the right to change this rule at any time and announce it on the website. If the user does not agree with the relevant changes, he shall immediately stop using the related services or products of G & B. Doctor Gong has the right to unilaterally identify user behavior and applicable rules, and handle it accordingly.


2.1 Dr. Gong refers to the Doctor Gong Mall with the domain name szflpy.icu.

2.2 User means the user of various services of the Doctor of Engineering with full civil capacity.

2.3 Merchant refers to the user who signed the Service Agreement with Doctor of Engineering and completed the registration process. Only one PhD account is allowed per merchant.

2.4 Buyer means a user who browses and purchases goods on Gongbo.

2.5 Seller means the user who signed the Service Agreement with Doctor of Engineering and released the product. Also known as a "business".

2.6 Photographing refers to the behavior of the buyer clicking and confirming the purchase on the Doctor of Engineering.

2.7 The number of product releases refers to the total number of product types sold by the merchant on the engineering doctor and in the online warehouse.

2.8 Node processing refers to the process that is executed when the seller's illegal deductions accumulate a certain number of points.

2.9 The shop decoration area refers to shop-related modules such as shop signs, baby categories, bulletin boards, promotional areas, and billboards.

2. 10 Order means a contract where a buyer takes a single item or multiple items from a single merchant at the same time. The content of any order in the order constitutes a separate transaction.

2.11 Closing means that when the merchant sends a confirmation to the buyer through the Doctor of Engineering or the merchant has sent the merchandise to the buyer's designated address, it only constitutes the merchant's commitment to the order. At this time, the order contract is concluded. If a buyer orders multiple products in one order, only when the merchant sends other parts of the product confirmation through the doctor of engineering to the buyer's designated address, the other parts of the product will be considered a transaction.

2.12 Delisting refers to the transfer of goods being sold to an online warehouse.

2. 13 Free shipping means that the merchant bears the freight charges for goods shipped in mainland China.

2.14 Settlement refers to the act of reconciling and settling receipts and payments in accordance with the agreement between Dr. Gong and the seller;

2.15 Rebate refers to the reward behavior of Dr. Gong to give sellers service fee concessions in order to improve the service level of sellers.

2.16 After-sales service includes: installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training and other services of the product; processing of the application for return and replacement of the product submitted by the buyer.

2.17 Service order: customer's application for vouchers for after-sales service such as repair / return;

2.18 Points: Refers to the points of the seller's store, which means that the user points to the seller's store in accordance with the "Rules of Management of the Points of the Doctor of Industry" after the user opens the store in accordance with the requirements of the Doctor of Industry seller.

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