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Entry requirements
Investment requirements of Gongshang Mall

Dr. Gong Mall welcomes well-known brands from the international and domestic industrial products industries. Dr. Gong is willing to share high-quality user groups with professional brand merchants. Together, we will provide professional products and services in this field for Doctor of Engineering users.

The investment requirements are as follows:

Well-known international and domestic industrial products

Dr. Gong will, as always, protect the brand interests of merchants to the greatest extent, respect brand tradition and connotation, and welcome high-quality brand merchants to settle in.

2. High-quality products that can meet the user group of Gongbo Mall

The following "Category of Gongbo Mall Business Categories" is a classification table of the main categories of Gongbo Mall business and its subordinates. If the category you applied for is not listed or you cannot confirm the category of your product, you can contact Gongbo Merchants. Investment Hotline: 021-331666777 Email: sxp@szflpy.icu

List of business categories of Gongshang Mall

First class
Secondary category
Tertiary category
Low Voltage Distribution
Leakage Protection Device Vacuum Circuit Breaker Frame Circuit Breaker Molded Case Circuit Breaker Miniature Circuit Breaker
Quick-acting fuses, enclosed fuses, spiral fuses
Transformer core, power transformer, isolation transformer, oil-invaded transformer, power transformer, dry-type transformer
Other reactors Explosion-proof reactors Filter reactors Inverter reactors
Distribution switch
Surge Lightning Switch Transfer Switch Knife Switch Disconnect Switch Load Switch
Switch socket
Plug strip socket switch panel
Smart home
Smart V8彩票是真的吗 Appliance Controller Smart Wireless Gateway Smart Wireless Socket Smart Wireless Switch
control element
Contacts and accessories switching capacitor contactor DC contactor AC contactor
Solid-state relay phase sequence / phase failure relay thermal overload relay time relay intermediate relay other relays
Button indicator
Alarm indicator contact / base Button head Key switch selector switch Emergency stop button Flat button
Control switch
Rocker switch foot switch cam switch
Other control elements
Master Controller Motor Controller Potentiometer Timer
Frequency conversion servo motor
Elevator inverter High-performance inverter Fan water pump inverter General inverter Small inverter Other dedicated inverter
Soft starter
Heavy-load soft start Light-load soft start
servo motor
DC servo motor AC servo motor
server Driver
DC servo drive AC servo drive
Synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, stepper motors, other motors
Industrial transmission accessories
Rectifier unit Inverter panel braking unit
Integrated PLC
Large PLC Medium PLC Small PLC
PLC module
Communication unit Power supply module Analog input and output module Digital input and output module CPU unit Other special function modules
PLC supporting and other accessories
Connection cable programmable terminal PLC backplane memory box built-in board communication adapter PLC programmable controller PLC programming software
Automation software
Programming software, configuration software, monitoring software, other software
Machine vision
Vision system Light source Monitor image processing unit Vision sensor
Touch screen / monitor
15 inches 12.1 inches 10.4 inches 10.1 inches 8.4 inches 7.0 inches 5.7 inches 3.5 inches
Industrial display
Vision System Light Source Monitor Image Processing Unit
HMI software
Factory Talk ViewMCGSScreen EditorVijeo PB610CP400 SoftWinCC flexible
Other man-machine interfaces
21.5 inch 20 inch 19 inch 18.5 inch 17 inch
Robot accessories
Robot clothing props robot functional parts drive system control system other
Special robot
Medical robots, underwater robots, agricultural robots, micro-operation robots
Entertainment robot
Football robot Basketball robot Fencing robot Boxing robot Dance robot
Service robot
Educational robot Food delivery robot Floor cleaning robot Guidance service robot Welcome robot
Industrial robot
Casting robot Clean robot Glue robot Assembly robot Cutting robot Handling robot Palletizing robot Spray painting robot Welding robot
Industrial control machine
Tablet PC (PPC) Rack-mounted IPC Embedded IPC Wall-mounted IPC
Special machine
DVR dedicated workstation server hardened computer other
Data Acquisition Card Motion Control Card
Peripheral products
I / O module Data acquisition module for signal adjustment communication products
IPC accessories
Chassis CPU Industrial Master Display Products
Environmental safety sensor
Vibration / tilt sensor Temperature sensor Smoke sensor Open flame detector Infrared detector
Sensor switch
Position switch Limit switch Liquid level switch Proximity switch Photoelectric switch
Temperature and humidity transmitter Length measuring transmitter Ultrasonic transmitter Level transmitter Safety sensor
Incremental encoder Absolute encoder Rotary encoder Other encoders
Other sensors
Ultrasonic Sensor Barcode Reader / OCR Load Cell Image Sensor Light Sensor Sensor Displacement / Measuring Sensor Photoelectric Sensor

Thermal instrumentation
Microscope Flowmeter Smart Meter Gauge Thermostat Level Meter Temperature Meter Pressure Meter Differential Pressure Gauge
Electric drill fasteners fitter tools daily hardware
Measurement and test equipment
Time accumulator, power meter, switch position indicator, instrument and meter accessories, ammeter, voltmeter, electricity meter, electrician meter, power meter, power factor meter, digital insulation electronic tester, digital multimeter, photoelectric tachometer, resistance and capacitance suppressor, ripple resistor, constant current setter, oscilloscope Phase sequence table synchronization table demand meter
Digital panel meter
Clamp Meter Tester Infrared Camera Analyzer Full Scale Indicating Regulator Recorder Digital Multimeter Regulator Thermometer
environmental test
Flue gas analyzer, tail gas detection, particulate matter monitor, water toxicity analysis, formaldehyde analyzer, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, air detector, dissolved oxygen analyzer
laboratory apparatus
Sugar content meter Acidity meter Moisture meter Density meter Refractometer Refractometer Conductivity meter
Fluid control
Other instruments
Adjustment instrument Counter Weighing instrument safety barrier
Butterfly valve Ball valve Safety valve Mechanical valve Solenoid throttle Throttle pressure regulator
Filter element Light filter Liquid filter Air filter
Sealing ring Interface sealing strip Gasket seal Sheet
Pneumatic Components
Air pressure valve Barometer Air motor Pipe joint Cylinder
Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic motor Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic pump Other hydraulic components
Centrifugal pump Vacuum pump Hydraulic pump Metering pump Sewage pump
Machinery / Bearing
General Machinery
Packaging machine Injection machine Air compressor Reducer Compressor
Construction machinery
Bulldozer loader road roller crane excavator
machine tool
Punch, milling, drilling, planer, grinder, lathe
General bearing
Linear bearings Tapered roller bearings Needle bearings Thrust ball bearings Cylindrical roller bearings Outer spherical ball bearings Angular contact ball bearings Spherical ball bearings Thrust ball bearings Deep groove ball bearings
Special bearing
Turbocharged bearings Electric spindle bearings Wind turbine bearings Skateboard bearings Supercharger bearings Forklift bearings Excavator bearings Automotive bearings Clutch bearings
Special bearing
High temperature bearing spherical ball bearing with ceramic bearing inch bearing flat bearing roller bearing
Bearing accessories
Dust cover Oil seal ring retainer Adapter sleeve bearing seat ring roller steel ball
Other bearings
Spherical bearing Stamped bearing Insulated bearing Roller bearing
Industrial Power
Dual power transfer switch
CB dual power supply PC dual power supply
Switching power supply
Panel Switching Power Supply Rail Mount Switching Power Supply Open Switching Power Supply Closed Switching Power Supply
UPS Power
Online UPS Backup UPS
Power Supply
Single-phase stable power supply Three-phase stable power supply DC stabilized power supply
Maintenance-free batteries Dry-charged lead-acid batteries Ordinary batteries
Other power
Frequency conversion power supply, inverter power supply, industrial computer power supply, communication power supply
hardware tools
hand operated tools
Gourd file saw scissors socket screw wrench pliers
Pneumatic tools
Straight Nail Gun Nail Gun Code Nail Gun Blow Gun Pneumatic Impact Wrench Pneumatic Screwdriver Pneumatic Angle Grinder Pneumatic Sander Pneumatic Polisher
Toolkit / box / car
Drawer-type tool cart Multi-layer tool cart Mesh-format tool cart Plastic toolbox plastic tool tray Iron toolbox Aluminum alloy toolbox Portable toolkit Steel tube toolkit Trolley toolbox Box toolkit
Electrician tools
Electronic welding tools Electrician's pliers Anti-static tools Electric pen electrician's knife Electrician's scissors Electrician's tape Precision screwdriver Tweezers Cable cutters Cable cutters Wire cutters
Auto repair tools
Grease gun Tire pressure gauge Tire wrench Tire balance hammer valve oil seal pliers Spark plug sleeve spark plug special pliers piston ring pliers filter wrench tubing sealing pliers pick hook set bearing remover
Tool set
Comprehensive tool set Machine repair tool set Telecommunication tool set Household tool set
Electrical Installation
Distribution Cabinet
Network cabinet Power distribution box Power distribution cabinet
Control cabinet
Fire control cabinet Explosion-proof control cabinet Power control cabinet Pump control cabinet High-voltage control cabinet Low-voltage control cabinet Frequency conversion control cabinet
Wire and Cable
Overhead line | Bare wire | type line Special cable Power cable Electrical equipment cable Communication cable Other cable
Mounting rail Bridge piece Ground terminal Mark terminal terminal
Complete installation accessories
Standard Copper Busbar Busbar Adapter Terminal Board Universal Busbar Mounting Bracket Mounting Panel Axial Fan Shared Socket Dustproof Waterproof Box Busbar Power Cord Frame Power Sockets Copper Bar Rail Marking Humidity Controller Clamping Device Tripod Mounting Parts
Industrial Ethernet
Managed Industrial Switch Unmanaged Industrial Switch Industrial Ethernet Optical Switch
Network card
PCMCIA network card standard Ethernet card USB wireless network card
Industrial GPRS Router Industrial WCDMA Router Industrial 3GWIFI Router
Four RS232 / 485 bus split hub 485 hub
RS232 to RS485 converter TTL serial to Ethernet RS232 to Ethernet
Embedded Systems
Embedded controller Single board computer Embedded motherboard Embedded processor Embedded software Embedded development tools Embedded peripheral hardware equipment Others
Electronic Component
MCU / processor / DSP
Digital Signal Processor Central Processing Unit
Sequential memory Random memory Magnetic surface memory Semiconductor memory
Fine-grained FPGA Coarse-grained FPGA Segmented interconnect FPGA Connected interconnect FPGA
SOC chip
SOC1.0 SOC2.0
Digital to Analog Signal Conversion
Voltage output type Multiplication type Current output type
Filter / amplifier
Band-pass filter
Wireless and RF cards
Read-only card CPU card read-write card
Power management / circuit protection chip
Discharge management chip Power conversion chip Smart fast charging chip Short-circuit protection chip
Format converter Video converter Data type converter
Signal / Interface
GA interface COM interface RGB interface LVDS interface
Switch / Relay
Start relay signal relay measuring relay outlet relay
Low frequency circular connector, rectangular connector, RF connector, optical solder connector
Secondary / tertiary tube
Electronic diode Crystal diode Plug-in triode SMD transistor
Missing device
Resistance Capacitance Inductance

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