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After sales policy
Returns can be exchanged within 7 days from the date of sale of the product (subject to the date of order shipment). You can submit an online repair / return application for return or exchange.

The specific return and exchange standards are as follows:
This after-sales general rule does not apply to ordered products with a delivery date;
When returning goods, please keep the main product intact, complete accessories, and return the free gifts of the product together;
1. Judge the actual receipt date rules:
1) The order delivered by Gongshi Mall shall be subject to the actual date of receipt by the customer;
2) The orders delivered by the non-tech Ph.D. mall are based on the actual arrival date displayed on the third-party logistics platform. If the third-party partner cannot effectively return the receipt date, the third-party seller's customer service and the customer manually confirm the actual arrival date based on factors such as distance.
2. In the case of no problem with the product, the third-party seller promises that you can enjoy no reason to return the product within 7 days from the date you actually receive the product, and you can refund the full amount if the return shipping cost of the returned product is borne by you.
In particular, the following circumstances will not be processed for return:
1. Any products sold by third-party sellers in non-tech Ph.D. malls (the serial numbers do not match);
2. Out-of-warranty products (products that exceed the warranty period of the Three Guarantees);
3. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, fluid ingress, accident, modification, incorrect product quality caused by incorrect installation, or tearing, altering labels, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks;
4. Failure to provide the Three Guarantees Certificate, such as invoices, warranty cards, etc., or the information of the Three Guarantees Certificate does not match the goods and is altered;
5. Others should not handle return or exchange according to law.

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