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Repair / Return
1. Goods acceptance:
(1) The goods will be inspected to ensure that the packaging and products are intact before being sent out in the warehouse of Gongshen Mall, so when you receive the goods, please follow the product model and quantity in the order and packing list in front of the freight company personnel or courier. The personal acceptance of the personnel confirms the receipt of the goods after the goods are packaged and the products are intact.
(2) If I can't sign for someone and I need someone to sign for it, please make sure that the signatory fully understands the signing process. Once the goods are signed, the courier or freight company will not bear the damage caused by the mistakes in the transportation process. Or loss.
2. General rules for repair / return:
(1) The products sold in Gongshang Mall are all genuine and authentic. All products can enjoy the nationwide warranty service of the manufacturer. Gongbo Mall will strictly follow the national Three Guarantees policy to fulfill the obligations of warranty, replacement and return for the goods sold.
(2) Within 7 days from the date of purchase (subject to the date of the order), if there is a functional failure specified by the country's Three Guarantees, the failure is confirmed by the manufacturer's designation or a special after-sales service center, and you can choose to return, exchange Goods or repairs; within the 8th to 15th days, you can choose to exchange or repair; after 15 days and within the warranty period, you can only enjoy free repair services during the warranty period. In order not to delay your use and shorten the repair time of the faulty product, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer's service center directly for processing. You can inquire the address and contact information of the manufacturer's after-sales service center on the official website of the manufacturer, or you can directly find the corresponding manufacturer's after-sales service centers across the country in the warranty card of the product.
(3) Due to the customer's mistaken purchase, over-purchase, or dissatisfaction with the product, etc., the customer can apply for a return on the premise that the product itself is intact, the product is brand-new, and related accessories are complete, which will not affect our second sales , Returns are subject to a return handling fee, which is 10% of the return price. The customer shall bear the freight. Foreign customers are required to submit a return application online within 2 natural days from the date when the customer receives the product, and after our company has approved it, the product will be sent out within 24 hours.
3. The following situations will not be processed:
(1) Any products sold in non-tech Ph.D. malls;
(2) The customer selects the wrong product unilaterally;
(3) the products and accessories are incomplete or damaged;
(4) Products that are damaged by the customer's designated shipping company;
(5) Products that are damaged in the process of the customer's delivery of Ph.D. Mall;
(6) Any product that has abnormal quality caused by abnormal use and storage;
(7) Products customized according to customer requirements;
(8) The non-mainframe functional obstacles (accessories, accessories, etc.) caused by non-human reasons, according to the specific circumstances, the doctor or engineer repairs or replaces (accessories, accessories) for you, and does not handle the return and replacement of the entire machine;
(9) unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, incorrect installation;
In order to deal with your after-sale problems in a timely manner, please sign and confirm the delivery note of Gongshi Mall after receiving the product and return it to Gongshi Mall. We will define it based on the check of the returned delivery note and courier order. Your arrival date.

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