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Refund instructions
Invoice delivery:
The invoice will be couriered to you about two weeks after you receive the goods. If your invoice delivery address is different from your company address, please let us know in advance.
The product price of Gongbo Mall already includes 17% VAT, you only need to provide your complete billing information to the sales staff.
If you only need a normal invoice, please inform our sales staff and provide a billing header.
1. In principle, an invoice is issued for each order;
2. The invoice amount is the same as the order amount.
refund policy:
Gongbo Mall standard products provide 7 days no reason to return, except for products ordered.
Within 7 days from the date of order delivery, you have the right to return the product on the premise that it has not been used and the original packaging of the product is retained.
Gongshi Mall recommends that you check the integrity of the goods after receiving them, such as:
If there are obvious defects in the goods, the consignee shall notify Gongshibo in writing within 5 days after receiving the goods.
If there are hidden defects in the product, please notify as soon as possible.
If the goods are damaged due to transportation, please take photos and collect evidence within 5 days, and notify the Gongshang Mall.
Refund Policy:
After the return is received and confirmed, if there is a refund, our company will refund the payment to your original payment account.
Refund policy:
If you need a refund, please contact us in time or return the invoice to our company (501, 5th Floor, G District, SEG Market, No.668 Beijing East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai).
Have more questions? Please contact us:
Customer Service Phone: 021-331666777
Customer Service Email: lhp@szflpy.icu

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