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You are here: V8彩票是真的吗 ? Warranty
Gongbo Mall strictly complied with the relevant provisions of the relevant "Three Guarantees Regulations" (ie, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the People's Republic of China's Commodity Quality Law, the People's Republic of China Consumer Rights Protection Law, and the People's Republic of China Telecommunication Regulations) , Aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, clarifying the relevant provisions of the relevant goods sellers, repairers and producers on the responsibility and obligations for repair, replacement, and return of goods), and carefully fulfilling the duties and obligations of repair, replacement and return of relevant goods .
1. Due to different products and service policies of different manufacturers, the implementation details, such as warranty operation, after-sales service, technical support, and other aspects of providing services to you may vary. All warranty regulations are based on the "Three Guarantees Regulations" of the country. If there is any conflict between this description and the "Three Guarantees Regulations", the "Three Guarantees Regulations" shall prevail.
2. The definition of exchange is based on the national three guarantees and specific after-sale policies of the manufacturer. It may be replaced with "new product" or "good product" ("good product" is unpacked or used, but there is no same quality Model product).
3. Any of the following situations is not covered by the relevant "Three Guarantees Regulations":
a. Exceeding the validity of the three guarantees;
b. Damage caused by failure to use, maintain, or store as required for the use of the goods;
c. Damage caused by dismantling by a repairer who is not responsible for the three guarantees (ie, not designated or designated by the manufacturer)
d. No valid Three Guarantees certificate and valid invoice;
e. altering the Three Guarantees without authorization;
f. The product model or serial number on the Three Guarantees Certificate does not correspond to the actual product;
g. Damage caused by force majeure;
h. Non-commodity quality issues, such as: compatibility issues, dissatisfaction with color, appearance, shape, etc .;
i. For storage products, we cannot provide data export services. If possible, export the data before rework. If you do not export the data in time before the product has quality problems, for data security and completeness, it is recommended that you directly contact the special repair point of the relevant manufacturer for confirmation.
1. In order not to delay your use and shorten the repair time of the faulty product, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer's service center directly for processing.
2. On New Year's Day, Chinese New Year and National Day holidays, the repair time will be extended accordingly.

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