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Shipping cost

All goods settled in the merchants are distributed by the merchants, and the freight charges generated by the distribution are also regulated by the merchants.

Free shipping

The shipping address set by the merchant does not charge freight. Customers do not need to pay shipping charges to purchase such goods.

2. Free shipping on full order

Merchants set up a certain amount of purchases in merchant stores to enjoy free shipping preferential policies. When the customer purchases a certain amount of merchandise from a merchant store, there is no need to pay for shipping.

3. Charge by region

Merchants set freight charges for packages of different weights sent to different regions. When customers purchase such products, the system will automatically calculate the required shipping cost based on the merchant settings. The customer must pay together with the goods and freight.

Shipping Instructions:

Delivery time limit

Except for products with a fixed delivery period, ordinary products are generally issued within 1-2 days after the customer places the order, and group purchases and promotional products are generally issued within 72 hours of the customer's purchase.

2. Commodity delivery

The products purchased by customers are delivered by the merchant to which the products belong.

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