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Come to mention
On-site pick-up is simply freight logistics. It is mainly used for large-volume cargo transportation. Generally, it is slower and cheaper, and it is delivered at designated locations. It does not support single delivery. According to customer needs, take the door-to-door delivery method.
Confirmation of logistics companies and locations:
Please confirm the logistics company and its delivery address before placing the order to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the problem of transiting the goods.
Can I change the pick-up point or the delivery method after placing an order?
After the order is placed successfully, the replacement of the self-lifting point and the replacement of the delivery method are temporarily not supported.
Why can't I choose to pick it up when I settle?
You may not be able to provide self-pickup services if:
1. The product you purchased does not support self-collection for the time being. For details, the shipping methods supported at the time of ordering shall prevail;
2. There are more items in your shopping cart, which exceeds the maximum order amount supported by this pick-up point;
3. The delivery address and the self-pickup point are not in a province or city;
4. The name and address have been changed since the pick-up point.
Can I return the goods on the spot if I find a problem when I check the product when I pick it up? How to deal with it?
can. If you find that there is a problem with the product when you pick it up, please report it to the relevant staff on the spot, and the staff will help you handle it.
The order was successfully submitted today. How long can I pick it up?
Hello, it usually takes 1-2 days for the production of spot self-pick-up orders. According to the contact information and phone number you submitted when placing the order, the consignee will receive a SMS notification when the order reaches the self-pickup point. Only come to your door.
I want to know the address and telephone number of the pickup point?
Hello, the shop is obliged to provide you with the corresponding pick-up point address and contact phone number.
Is there a charge for pick-up orders?
There is no charge for pick-up orders.
How many days can the self-lifting point / self-lifting container hold the goods?
The goods can be kept for three working days after reaching the pickup point. After receiving the self-pickup message, please pick up your goods as soon as possible.

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