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UnionPay payment
Domestic customers can remit money to the corporate bank account of Dr. Gong (Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd.) through any bank in the country.

Remittance Account:

Picture 16

Account name: Shen Xiaopeng

Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Fengfeng Sub-branch

Account number: 03828800040021292

New picture 3

Account Name: Shen Xiaopeng

Account: China Construction Bank Shanghai Zhenxin Sub-branch

Account opening line: 6227 0726 0023 6148


1. The payment time is generally after the transfer formalities: 1-2 working days for peers and 2-5 working days for interbank;

2. Tip: In order to help you confirm the receipt of the order in a timely manner, be sure to write the order number of Dr.Gong in the remarks column or the purpose column.

3. If you fill in the order number, we will confirm the receipt and delivery within 1 working day after receiving the payment. If you do not fill in the order number, it may take 1-5 working days. If the payment is remitted 5 If you have not confirmed your order receipt within the next working day, please call the customer service hotline at 021-331666777 in time.

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