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Business account
1. Domestic customers can remit money to the corporate-to-public account opened by Dr. Gong (Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd.) at China Construction Bank through any bank in the country.

For public remittance account (issuing VAT):

Company Name: Shanghai Zhongping Technology Co., Ltd.

Account bank: Construction Bank Shanghai Zhenxin Sub-branch

Account number: 3100 1978 8100 5001 7141

Line number: 1052 9007 9020

2. The payment time is generally after the transfer is completed: 1-2 working days with peers and 2-5 working days across banks;

3. Tip: In order to help you confirm the order payment in a timely manner, be sure to write the order number of Dr. Gong Mall in the remarks column or purpose column.


1) A few cases do not support bank transfer; it will be reflected in specific transaction information.

2) Select the Gongshi Mall order for bank transfer. The order will be retained for 7 working days after the order is submitted, please remit in time;

3) If you fill in the order number, we will confirm the receipt and delivery within 1 working day after receiving the payment. If you do not fill in the order number, it may take 1-5 working days. If you have not confirmed your order receipt within the next working day, please call the customer service hotline at 021-331666777 in time.

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