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Online Payment
Flow chart of Gongshi online payment
1. Registration

Register as a buyer member at Gongboshi Mall ( http://szflpy.icu ), enter the homepage, and click Register in the upper right corner. If you have already registered, log in to the member directly.

Doctor of Engineering Member Registration
Gongshi Mall Online Payment Registration Page
Product search

Log in to the member again, click on the Gongbo Mall page and search for the product you want. (Take Schneider circuit breaker as an example)

Gongshi Mall Login Page
Gongshang Mall Mall Page

3. Go to the product page

Click on the product model you need to enter the product page and choose to buy directly or add to the shopping cart.

Gongbo Mall Products
Gongshang Mall Mall Products

4. Purchase products

The number of products can be selected according to your requirements. If you need to buy other products, click to continue shopping; otherwise, click Next.

Gongshi Mall Online Payment

5.Submit an order

After clicking 'Next', enter the order information page and fill in the real information of your receipt. If there is any demand, you can make a note in the order and then submit the order.

Gongshi Mall Online Payment Order Details Page
Pay orders online

6. Payment methods

There are three payment methods. Account payment is your balance of the member. You can also choose to recharge directly on your member and purchase products.
According to your needs, choose the payment method that suits you (online payment and unbound fast payment).

7.Payment password

The payment password system defaults to your login password (please set and keep your password).

【Business users】
Gongshi Mall Online Payment

【personal user】
Gongshi Mall Online Payment
Gongshi Mall Online Payment
8, view the order

Enter buyer's member backstage to view your order, transaction management → my order → payment

Pay orders online
9, contact the seller, confirm the order is correct, the seller shipped.

10. Which bank cards does online payment support?

Currently, Dr. Gong's online payment supports most domestic banks, and some local banks do not support it for the time being. For details, please submit your online payment order.

(1) Banks supported by fast payment

New picture

(2) Banks supported by online banking payment

New picture 1

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