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购买咨询 I. Purchase consultation
下单后可以修改订单吗? 1. Can I modify my order after placing it?
The order of Gongshi Mall can be modified before the order is printed. Open the "Order Details" page and click "Modify Order" in the upper right corner. If there is no Modify Order button, the order cannot be modified.
(1). Modification of order may affect delivery time.
(2). The current product information shall prevail during the modification. Please pay attention to the activity information during the modification.
(3). Due to the fast production speed of the order, the modification may be unsuccessful.
无货商品几天可以到货? 2. How many days can the unavailable goods arrive?
The delivery time of unavailable products varies according to the distribution situation and cannot be accurately estimated, but you can use the "My Inquiry" function. Once the goods are available, the merchant will notify you by email and other methods.
3. Do you provide regular invoices for the goods in your mall?
Both can provide regular invoices. If friends need invoices, they can contact the merchant directly during the purchase process to obtain an invoice.
如何取消订单? 4. How to cancel the order?
You can enter "My Orders" to cancel the order by yourself or if the order has entered the distribution link and you cannot ensure that it can be successfully intercepted, please reject it when the delivery comes; or contact the merchant for processing.
订单取消后,什么时候退款? 5. When will the refund be made after the order is cancelled?
Orders that have been successfully paid will be refunded immediately after successful cancellation. Please pay attention to the real-time update status of "My Orders".
配送查询 Second, delivery inquiry
1. What should I do if I receive fewer items / wrong items?
(1). The number of small items:
The purchase of multiple items on the same order may be sent in more than one package, and may not be delivered at the same time. It is recommended that you wait patiently for 1-2 days. If you do not receive the product, you can directly contact the online customer service. Third party For merchant products, please contact merchant online customer service.
(2). The situation of sending the wrong goods:
Dr. Gong's self-operated goods: If you confirm that the received goods are not the goods ordered in your order, you can directly contact customer service, and the professional after-sales staff will accept your order. Third-party merchant products: Please contact the merchant's online customer service directly to help you return / replace.
2. Can I reject the problem when I receive it?
If you find that the goods are damaged when you sign for the goods, please directly reject the goods and return them to the merchant. The merchant will reschedule the shipment for you.
3. Can I designate a courier company for delivery?
Yes, you can specify the delivery company when ordering.
配送和快递方式有哪些? 4. What are the delivery and courier methods?
The distribution service of Dr. Gong's self-operated products includes: SF Shentong Yuantong Zhongtong Yunda Daily Federal Huitong Huaqiang EMS home delivery.
The third-party seller's goods delivery service includes: the courier company designated by the merchant to deliver for you.
付款及退款 Payment and refund
订单取消后,什么时候退款? 1. When will my order be refunded?
Orders that have been successfully paid will be refunded immediately after successful cancellation. Please pay attention to the real-time update status of "My Orders".
假如在线交易付款后几天商家都不发货,怎样才能把款打回到我的帐户呢? 2. If the merchant does not ship a few days after the payment of the online transaction, how can I return the money to my account?
The merchants of Gongshang Mall are all first-line brand merchants with legal qualifications. They have good pre-sales and after-sales services. Members and friends do not need to worry about this situation when purchasing goods. If such problems occur, you can contact Dr. Gong customer service.
售后保障 Fourth, after-sale protection
1. Under what circumstances can I return / exchange / repair?
Dr. Gong's self-operated merchandise after-sales service general rules: The customer can return the product within 7 days from the date of receiving the product, and the product can be exchanged within 15 days. The customer can submit an online repair application for the return and exchange.
Third-party seller product after-sales service general rules:
Returns can be exchanged within 7 days from the date of sale of the product (based on the actual date of receipt), and can be exchanged within 15 days. You can submit an online repair / return application for return or exchange.
Please keep the main product intact and complete accessories when returning goods.
退换货/维修需要多长时间? 2. How long does it take to return / replace?
Under normal circumstances, the return processing cycle (excluding inspection time): processing is completed for you within 7 days from the date of receipt of the defective product, please refer to how long the refund can be received by clicking the refund time for each payment method;
Replacement processing cycle: within 15 days from the date of receipt of the problem product, the processing is completed for you; if there are special circumstances, you need to judge according to the actual situation.
Normal maintenance processing cycle: within 30 days from the date of receipt of the defective product for you; if there are special circumstances, you need to judge according to the actual situation.
Five, other
1. Do you have second-hand products for sale in your mall?
The products of Gongshang Mall are first-line brands, brand new unopened products, and currently there are no second-hand products for sale.
我想评价某产品的好坏,应该怎么办? 2. I want to evaluate the quality of a product. What should I do?
Select the products that have been traded → click I want to evaluate → enter the page to fill in the evaluation information → submit to save → complete the evaluation.
如果遇到商城的合作商家服务态度很差,我应该向谁投诉? 3. If I encounter a poor service attitude from the cooperative merchants in the mall, who should I complain to?
You can lodge a complaint with Dr. Gong's customer service, and Gong's customer service will contact the merchant as soon as possible and propose corrections. Members and friends can also take the way of negative evaluation in the business evaluation.

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