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common problem
Frequently Asked Questions
I. What is the difference between Gongshang Mall with and without payment function?
,均缴纳1万元以上的保证金。 The shops with payment function are VIP shops in Gongshang Mall, and they all pay a deposit of more than 10,000 yuan. Members can pay for goods purchased online at such stores and complete the function of goods transactions.
Shops without payment function are ordinary shops in Gongshang Mall. Shops do not implement online payment. They only provide inquiries, order acquisition services, offline payment and transactions.
2. How do I identify the product price and authenticity?
All the products sold in Gongshang Mall are guaranteed to be absolutely low-price and authentic. Please feel free to purchase from members and friends.
3. After I place an order, I do not want to buy it. Can I get a refund? How to return?
Refundable. Contact online customer service with your order number and reason for refund. Submit a refund request.
4. Who do I contact if I want to purchase products in large quantities in the mall?
You can click batch upload in the background or consult customer service personnel for related preferential policies.
5. Do you have used products in your mall?
The products of Gongshang Mall are first-line brands, brand new unopened products, and currently there are no second-hand products for sale.
6. I want to evaluate the quality of a product. What should I do?
Select the products that have been traded → click I want to evaluate → enter the page to fill in the evaluation information → submit to save → complete the evaluation.
VII. Who should I complain to if I have a poor service attitude from a cooperative merchant in the mall?
You can lodge a complaint with Dr. Gong's customer service, and Gong's customer service will contact the merchant as soon as possible and propose corrections. Members and friends can also take the way of negative evaluation in the business evaluation.
8. Do you provide regular invoices for the goods in your mall?
Both can provide regular invoices. If friends need invoices, they can contact the merchant directly during the purchase process to obtain an invoice.
9. What should I do if the unsigned goods are notified that they have been signed?
Contact the merchant and tell them your order date, order number, mobile phone number, and more.
10. If the merchant does not ship a few days after the payment of the online transaction, how can I return the money to my account?
The merchants of Gongshang Mall are all first-line brand merchants with legal qualifications. They have good pre-sales and after-sales services. Members and friends do not need to worry about this situation when purchasing goods. If such problems occur, you can contact Dr. Gong customer service.
11. What can I do if I can't contact the merchant's online customer service? What if the product is out of stock?
If you can't contact the online customer service of the merchant, you can contact the customer service of Gongbo Mall, and we will get in touch with the merchant customer service as soon as possible. In order to avoid the lack of inventory of the purchased products, members and friends should contact the merchant customer service in advance when purchasing products to inquire about whether the product has sufficient inventory and whether it meets your requirements and other related information.
12. If the product I bought does not match the description of the merchant, I will give the merchant a bad review in the evaluation, and the merchant says that I have a malicious evaluation. What should I do?
If the purchased product does not match the description of the merchant, or there are quality issues, members have the right to give a bad review in the evaluation of the merchant.
13. Can I refuse to accept a problem when I receive it?
If you find that the goods are damaged when you sign for the goods, please directly reject the goods and return them to the merchant. The merchant will reschedule the shipment for you.
14. When will unavailable goods arrive?
The delivery time of unavailable products varies according to the distribution situation and cannot be accurately estimated, but you can use the "My Inquiry" function. Once the goods are available, the merchant will notify you by email and other methods.
15.Want to know the specifications of the product? What about performance? What do you think?
Specific product specifications and performance issues, please pay attention to the product page information, you can also contact the manufacturer's telephone consultation, or post a product consultation at the bottom of the product page, there will be professionals to answer your questions!
16. How to cancel an order?
You can enter "My Orders" to cancel the order by yourself or if the order has entered the distribution link and you cannot ensure that it can be successfully intercepted, please reject it when the delivery comes; or contact the merchant for processing.
17. When will the refund be made after the order is cancelled?
Orders that have been successfully paid will be refunded immediately after successful cancellation. Please pay attention to the real-time update status of "My Orders".
18. Is there any use for my points?
You can use the points to the Doctor ’s “Point Mall” channel to redeem gifts or receive points and cash for free. Points can be consumed at the entire site. You can redeem goods or redeem vouchers in the points mall.
19. How can I enhance the security of my account?
You can log in to your PhD account, and in your "Personal Information", bind your account mobile phone number, verify your email address, and change your account password in time (high-strength password suggestion: 3 arbitrary combinations-letters, numbers, punctuation) to improve your account Safety performance.
Twenty, I forgot the password of Gongshang Mall, what should I do?
You can click "Please log in" on the homepage of Gongshang Mall and then click "Forgot Password" to retrieve it by email or mobile phone verification. If you forget to register your email or mobile phone number. Please register a new customer again.
21. If I have questions or suggestions, can I give you feedback via email?
Complaints and suggestions can go to the background and click "online suggestions" to submit your questions or suggestions, and we will help you to deal with them in time.
22. What is the customer service number of Gongshang Mall? What is the working time?
Gongshang Mall Customer Service Hotline: 021-331666777
Service time: 08: 00-22: 00 daily

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