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Consumer protection
I. Authentic licensed

The goods sold in Gongshang Mall are supplied by our brand manufacturers or agent dealers, which are strictly controlled. All are brand new authentic licensed products. They are not parallel imports or refurbished products and can enjoy the nationwide warranty service. If non-genuine licensed products are found, According to the latest regulations of the Consumers Association, "fake one and lose three," and compensation will be given. Please rest assured to purchase.

2. Regular invoice

Gongbo Mall promises that all goods sold can be issued with ordinary invoices and VAT tickets (users can choose whether to issue invoices). This invoice can be used as a warranty and unit reimbursement certificate.

Three. Return guarantee

。 If the goods sold by Gongbo Mall are officially inspected for quality problems, the delivery date shall prevail. We will provide you with a "7-day package return" guarantee. For details, please refer to Gongbo Mall's return policy .

IV. Refund Commitment

。 During the shopping process, if you request a return in accordance with the return policy of Gongbo Mall, Gongbo Mall will give you a refund in an unconditional and timely manner. Please refer to the refund instructions for the refund method and time.

V. Distribution guarantee

Gongshi Mall promises to bear the insurance costs during the distribution process. The risk of the transportation process will be borne by Gongshi Mall. If the goods received by the customer are damaged or lost, as long as the courier provides proof, Gongshi Mall will verify the situation. Refund or reshipment.

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