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Shopping guide

1. Registration and Landing

。 (1) New customer registration: Please click the "register" on the homepage to enter the registration page, enter the email address, username, password and verification code, and follow the prompts to complete the registration .

Doctor of Engineering Registration-Login

Picture 2

Picture 3

(2) Login for regular customers: Please click on the "Login" page on the homepage to enter the login portal, enter your username, password and verification code to log in.

Shopping guide

Second, buy goods quickly

(1) You can directly enter the product model you want to purchase through the input field on the homepage.

Picture 5
Picture 6

(2) If you are not sure of the model, you can find the category of the product you want to buy through the category navigation bar of Gongshi Mall, and find your product according to the category.
http://szflpy.icu/catalog/ (Product classification page http://szflpy.icu/catalog/ )

Product Category-Shopping Guide

3.Add to shopping cart

(1) After selecting the product, click the "Buy" button on the product detail page to place the product in the shopping cart.

Picture 8

(2) In the shopping cart, the system defaults the order quantity for each item to 1. If you want to purchase multiple items, you can modify the purchase quantity. Ok, click Next.

Picture 9

(3) Confirm the order information, product model, amount and recipient information, then submit the order.

Doctor of Engineering-Shopping Guide

(4) Select the payment method, pay the bank, and click Pay Now.

Picture 11

(5) After the payment is completed, you can check the real-time status in "My Order" in the background.


1. Commodity prices will be adjusted from time to time. The final price will be the price in the order after you submit the order.

2. The preferential policies, delivery time, and shipping charge standards may be adjusted. The final transaction information is subject to the latest information published on the website when you submit your order.

3. Fill in the consignee information

(1) Please fill in the correct and complete consignee name, consignee contact information, detailed consignment address and zip code, otherwise it will affect the processing or delivery of your order.

(2) You can enter "My Gongbo Mall-Personal Information Management-Address Book Management" to add new address information. After saving successfully, you can choose to use it directly when ordering again.

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